Find Your Vision And Your True Mission Through a Vision Quest Camp!

There is nothing more powerful than knowing and believing in your own potential. This camp is designed for adults at ages 18-25, and it will help you find your potential.

Find Your Vision

Attend the Vision Quest Camp and take the first step towards achieving the life you want. Our knowledgeable personal leadership coaches will help you see your vision so clearly, it will change your path forever.

Create Your Mission

Learn about the “10 Principles of leadership and life" from Kaitlyn McGregor, a former world-class speed skater. She will share her experience on how these powerful principles will positively affect those who apply them.

Achieve Your Dreams

Re-energize, re-focus, and find your passion for what you desire most in life at the Vision Quest Camp. Leave the camp with a strong sense of enthusiasm knowing your dreams are achievable.

Team Building Skills

Learn how to contribute and be part in a high-performance team, a key skill in today’s world. Corporations are increasingly developing a project mentality, to leverage on a team’s strengths; these team skills will prepare you to optimize this opportunity.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Understand and enhance how you can sell and promote yourself and the strengths you bring to business partners. Vision Quest Camps will give you a growth mindset, the skill set, and confidence needed to become your best.

World Class Training

Attend a course based on proven methods and principles used with top executives from Bayer, Airbus and other global corporations. Our Vision Quest Camps are designed by highly-qualified international coaches, and optimized for those launching careers.

 Leadership Principles For Young Adults

Leadership Principles For Young Adults

The Vision Quest Camp is founded and led by Mark and Kaitlyn McGregor. As father and daughter, they serve as living proof of how Mark's leadership principles work for young adults. These principles helped Kaitlyn finish #2 in the world at the World Junior Speed Skating Championships in 2015. After leaving the world of professional sports, these personal leadership principals helped Kaitlyn find her life mission: To help others become their best.

By living these principles, Kaitlyn shows how they can impact and empower young adults, be it in the sporting world, or business world. And most importantly, these principles can help young adults discover their potential, and create their vision and mission. The camp's mission is to help you develop clarity on your passions, strengths, and potential, so you can find a valued centered and purpose driven life.

Our Leadership Team

The camp is lead by world-renowned author and leadership coach, Mark McGregor. Mark has been a professional hockey player, coach, manager, and worked with Team Canada at a variety of international tournaments. His daughter, and former professional speed skater, Kaitlyn McGregor will also play a vital role as she describes how the "10 Principles" can have a powerful impact on young adults in athletics, academics, and business. In addition to Mark and Kaitlyn, various CEO's, managers, and high-performance coaches will also be attending the Vision Quest Camps.Marks mission is to affirm your potential so clearly..... that you will see it in yourself
Mark McGregor
Mark McGregor
Author & Coach
Kaitlyn McGregor
Kaitlyn McGregor
Olympic Skater

Recommendations and Endorsements

Testimonials from camp participants who have seen personal progress as the result of finding their Vision.

A Clear Vision is a Weekend Away

  • Important Steps to Finding your Life Vision

    Important Steps to Finding your Life Vision

    Life is an endless cycle of beginnings and endings. It is an endless quest for success and the incessant pursuit for happiness. However, every individual needs to see first the great things that lie ahead of them to actually give their best. Besides, most of us are undeniable in the truth of fearing the unknown, right? Therefore, finding a life vision or finding purpose in life is very important. How about you? Have you already found yours? Or are you still on the search for it?  Whichever it is, keep on reading and we will help you to discover your purpose in life and support you to see your life vision clearer today.

    What to do after high school?

    This question is hardest to answer when your life vision is still blurred and unclear. Imagine yourself running a race blindly in the dark.  How long before you trip over an obstacle or find yourself completely off the track? That is why finding purpose in life is critical to every individual. The best thing to do after high school is to invest in yourself. […]

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    4 Essential Leadership Training Takeaways That Will Grow Your Business

    What are the essential leadership training takeaways?

    A lot of times people will learn about the opportunity to attend a Leadership Training, but don’t necessarily see the direct impact it could be having on their business at the moment. There are a few of the takeaways that I can promise your team will find when we work together!

    Understand what it takes to be a high-performance team

    The great thing about leadership trainings is often times, the qualified speaker giving the training has worked and seen some very high performing teams. Businesses are similar to sports teams in that everyone has to be functioning on a bigger scale than just their own individual work if they want the business to succeed. Each person needs to be aware of the bigger picture and their role within it. In any quality leadership training you will learn how to create that culture within your business. You will understand what it takes to turn your company’s employees into a high performing team, and how to support each person to function as part of that team.

    Psychology of Winning

    It takes a certain mindset to win and Leadership Trainings […]

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  • Not finding any leadership, they have created it themselves.

    For several weeks now, we’ve been watching the movement of the American youth, as they take on the challenge of the gun law legislation in the USA.  In the first 16 weeks of 2018 there have been 20 school shootings that have resulted in loss of life or serious injury.  The worst of this year occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida where 17 unsuspecting students and adults were slaughtered. 


    In the aftermath of that shooting, there have been youth led protests and marches across the United States which have rippled over into all parts of the world.  In the protests, youth as young as 11 have begun to demand that society take a deeper look at what is happening as a result of the current gun legislation and imploring adults to do something about it before any more young lives are lost to the senseless gun violence that is becoming all too common in the lives of today’s children. 


    One of the lines that stuck out for me in the midst of watching all of these things take […]

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    6 Key Skills developed in a Vision Quest Camp

    6 Key Skills developed in a Vision Quest Camp

    With my Vision Quest camps coming up I have received a lot of interest and a lot of questions. One of the consistent questions being, “what will be some skills I develop at a Vision Quest Camp?”. I am hoping this blog post will detail a little bit about the skills you develop, and also how they play into organizational success.

    I often say “Leadership is a choice, not a formal position” and I say this because it is true. I have seen it with my own eyes, and it has been shown in studies. Research by Barnes and Krieger determined that previous leadership research was insufficient because it relied on models of one leader/many followers. According Barnes and Krieger, leadership is more of a reflection of an organization, rather than a person. In other words, in the most successful organizations, leaders’ roles overlap, and different people take on leadership roles at different times.

    What the Vision Quest Camps aim to do is to give youth the personal skills needed to succeed in different leadership roles in different situations.

    This is done by focusing on building six key personal skills:


    1. Creating confidence- Confidence is one of the most sought-after personality traits in all aspects of life. It is important to note […]
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  • What Blocks Future Planning


    Everyone involved in the business world is aware of the importance of planning; take a look at your meeting schedules, your diary or your inbox and I’ll bet that at least 50% of your time is taken up with planning. Nothing wrong with that, of course: every business needs clear long-term strategies for success (although I would argue that there’s far too much “window dressing” planning, producing plans for the sake of it which will never really be fulfilled and which in fact mitigates against putting useful plans into action, but that’s a subject for another blog). But how much planning do we actually put in place for our own lives, what strategies do we have in place to make sure that we achieve our objectives, both personally and professionally, not just those of our employer?


    This question is particularly pertinent for young people; when I’m working with them I’m struck again and again by the limitations of their future planning. Often their plans are disjointed: go to this college, do this job, live in this town… that’s linear planning, I’ll do this and then […]

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    Leadership Examples from the Olympics

    As many of you know, the foundation of my leadership training and my own life experience is in the world of sport. It was early in my career as a leadership trainer that I made the connection between what is required to be a high-performance athlete and a high-performance leader. This connection laid the groundwork for the ’10 Principles of Leadership and Life’. As the athletes return to their respective homes after the closing ceremonies of the latest Olympic games, it’s an ideal time to think about that connection by reviewing some of what we saw transpire over the last few weeks.

    When people think of the Olympics, they generally assume it’s about competing at the highest level. That is definitely true, but there is a lot of valuable lessons to learn if you look below the surface. The Olympic games will always reward teamwork, dedication, and resiliency. Here are a few examples of that at the 2018 games.


    1. The Importance of Working with Teammates: Germany’s men’s ice hockey team was one goal away from one of the most improbable Olympic performances of all time. They fell just short of […]

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  • Empowering Youth through my Vision Camps

    If you have a son or daughter that has recently finished school and entered the professional world, you likely already know that they face incredible challenges and barriers that were unheard of in decades past. Competition for positions is global and it is fierce.  They are navigating in a digital world, where expectations and technology change on an almost daily basis.  As the father of two young adults myself, I know the kind of pressure our children are under, and it is intense.

    The person who will thrive in this constantly shifting environment will be the one who has been prepared beforehand.  The leaders of tomorrow will understand what is required to achieve consistent high-performance results, have a clear understanding of their own core values and know what they want to achieve in both their private and their professional life. They will also have the skills to balance it all for their own well-being.

    This is why I have created my Vision Camps, and I believe it is some of the most important work I’ve ever done!  In collaboration with my daughter Kaitlyn and my team of partners […]

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    Going Off The Rails

    A train that’s off its tracks isn’t going anywhere. A Vision Camp can align you with the life track that you want to be on.

    Young people losing their direction, going off the rails, is a serious concern, and not just for the individuals themselves and their families. For example, in the UK a group of fifty charities assessed that the lack of early intervention for those who start to lose their way costs the economy over £17BN (US $23BN) each year. In many Western countries university dropout rates are reaching record highs as a combination of high tuition fees and uncertainty over the future of the employment market take their toll; a Harvard University study in 2012 found that only 56% of USA college and university freshmen finished their degree, an astonishing wastage (and waste).

    What then can be done to prevent our young people from losing direction in this way? It’s a burning question if we are to maximize the potential of these most precious assets in our society. I would argue that from a young age we need to help children and young adults establish […]

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  • Preparing Young People For The Demands of The Future Workplace

    It’s an often cited but still astonishing fact that a person who saw the Wright brothers’ first flight at Kitty Hawk in 1903 could easily have lived long enough to witness Neil Armstrong walking on the moon in 1969. The pace of change in the world since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution has been quite incredible, but the changes we will experience in the next few decades are set to dwarf what has gone before.


    This will be particularly true in the workplace: a report by the Oxford Martin School estimates that up to 47% of jobs in the USA could disappear through mechanization and computerization by 2035. Young people entering the workplace in the next few years will be facing a set of challenges that their parents could never have envisaged. In order to succeed in this new environment it is essential that they are prepared as early as possible for its demands, which is one of the vital aspects of my Vision Camps for those about to enter the adult world.


    One of the biggest changes in the workplace will be the virtual abolition of the traditional corporate […]

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