About Our Coaching Staff

The Vision Quest Camps Leadership Group

Kaitlyn McGregor

Kaitlyn is a former competitive professional long track speed skater. She skated competitively in both Switzerland and Canada, and is one of the most decorated female junior speed skaters of her age. She was the #2 ranked individual in speed skating, and also played hockey competitively. One of her highest personal skating achievements is coming in 2nd at the Junior World Championships in Italy.

After an illustrious skating career, Kaitlyn is following in her father’s footsteps, helping to develop leaders in sport and business. She currently works with young individuals to help them succeed. Her expertise in handling top level competitive situations provides her with a wealth of experience when helping participants achieve their potential. She has worked with Mark’s leadership camps for years, mentoring young participants to help them connect their passions to their purpose.

Mark McGregor

Since 1999 Mark has worked full-time as a in-house trainer, coach and keynote-speaker. His Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Physical Education, from the University of Manitoba, provide an ideal foundation for his work today. Mark has extended this with additional education as a trainer and speaker in Australia and Canada.

Mark’s passion is leadership development. His mission is to help people see their potential so clearly that it makes a difference in their lives. His previous work includes coaching, team vision development, motivational coaching, and development in communication, high-performance teams, psychology of winning and health & well-being. Mark believes that the development of leaders and  is a competitive advantage in any setting. The core of his philosophy is that personal development is an inside-out process. He believes you must define clear values and creating a vision that influences both a personal and professional mission.

A Message to Parents, Mentors, and Guardians

This camp has been specifically designed for the next generation of leaders. The goal is to inspire, teach, and leave a lasting impression on young adults. The coaching team will focus on training the young adults to be successful in life. Our Coaching team has leadership roots in organizations all over the world, and we specialize in helping people strengthen their strengths and realize their potential.

Investing in our youth is the best way to see a brighter future. This is a chance for a young adult to receive high end, personal training from a world renowned leader and coach. This camp will impact and benefit your young adult in the future whether they go on to be an entrepenuer, a leader, or a member of a high performing team. Mark is accompanied by his daughter Kaitlyn, a former speed skater who shares experience with how the 10 principles helped her compete at the highest level.

In this high intensity Vision Quest Camp, we will use use methods proven with top executives at Bayer, Airbus, Tamedia, and other global corporations. Your young adults will incorporate feedback from Mark, Kaitlyn, and other highly qualified coaches to become more aware of who they are and how they are seen. We will help them reflect on their dreams, desires, and abilities. They will leave their comfort zones, grow their self-confidence, and find a career for themselves. Some will decide to make a difference in the world, not just a living.

In the end, our participants leave here with a sense of purpose, and the knowledge that they are someone to be proud of.